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Polyurethane floating fender

Polyuethane Filled Fender marine floating foam fender buoy
 Polyurethane foam filled fender is the perfect solution for storm conditions, having the potential to outperform pneumatic units during severe weather.
Additionally, since the internal construction consists of a solid foam core, there is no need to maintain air pressure, inflation, valves as pneumatic fenders. They are
ideal for existing structures and certain hull types such as catamarans and cruise ships.

The charactieristic of the polyurenthane foam filled fender
1.Having the capability of floating,not easily infuenced by the ebb and flow th tide.
2.Bright colors.Various colors can be offered according to the customer's request.
3.Solid but light,easy to install and move.
4.When the fender wascompressed to 60%,the reaction strength grew up obviously and the absorption is very high.
Foam Fender Key Attributes:
·High energy absorption and low reaction force
·Many bright colors and shape available
·Ultra-tough, unsinkable design
·Remains fully functional even if skin is punctured
·Low maintenance
·Easy installation
Foam Fender Main Applications:
·Cruise ships
·Container vessels
·Cruise ships and ferries
·Oil and gas tankers
·General cargo
·Navy berths
·Ship-to-ship transfers
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