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The GOFAI group offers customized fender solutions. Through consulting, design, and engineering analysis, we offer high standards of production and high-quality rubber fender products. We have the support and product testing with after-sales technicians. All steps are carried out in strict accordance with industry standards.
Before the project is implemented, the GOFAI Group will communicate with customers on the products and environment in detail. The fender professor will analyze the project and provide detailed technical support to provide customers with high-quality customized fender solutions.
All design, application, and analysis of the project is provided by sales engineers within the GOFAI group.
The GOFAI Group focuses on production quality and production safety. All products use high-quality materials and follow strict production steps. Meet industry standards to ensure product reliability.
After Sales Service.
During the project process and within the life span of the product, the GOFAI Group will provide technical support and assistance to customers.
Testing | Quality Control.
All GOFAI fender products are designed, manufactured by the PIANC guidelines and passed BV testing.
If you want to learn more about us, please conact us using the follow way:
Tel: 0086-532-58717718-801
Email: sales@gofairubber.com
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