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After Sales Service

The Gofai Group is committed to providing after-sales service and assistance during installation and throughout the life span of the fender.

From design, manufacturing, installation, engineering to after-sales support. Even if the order is completed, our commitment will continue to meet the needs of our customers. On-site assessments include customized maintenance plans to assess the condition of the marine fender, which is one of the many services we offer our customers.

Maintenance of fender systems is critical, especially in harsh and corrosive environments. Regular maintenance of all parts of the fender helps identify potential damage early and allows immediate action.

We provide inspection and maintenance plans as part of our after-sales service, including maintenance intervals and maintenance checklists for the maintenance system. Our employees have undergone rigorous training on after-sales service.

GOFAI Group hopes to become a partner with you, providing after-sales service and maintenance support. Contact us for more information.

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