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Testing / Quality Control

GOFAI Group pursues quality and constantly monitors the production process and improves production levels. We strive to put the factory, production process and partners first and manufacture the highest standards of fender products.
All products are designed, manufactured and tested by PIANC 2002, BS 6349, EAU 2012, EC3, DIN 18800, BS 5950 and AISC.

Testing Equipment
Our testing laboratory checks the rubber materials in each order to meet customer standards to ensure high-quality products.
The performance testing under the supervision of an independent and qualified third party or customer. All of GOFAI's test equipment and processes comply with the most stringent industry standards and PIANC's calibration requirements.

Quality Control
To ensure the quality of our products, we have the most stringent requirements for every product, every order, every production process. We produce the most competitively priced products to satisfy customers.
The fender products we have produced have been praised by customers. Our products protect port infrastructure, ships, and person. We will work harder to produce high-quality products.

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