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For each project, we must take care of the overall situation and pay attention to details. Excellent engineering enables our partners to feel confident and let our customers trust us.
The material is the most important part of rubber fenders, and our factory chooses the highest quality materials every time. The designer will perfectly match the fender device to the dock project. The fender expert will also propose amendments based on the project and provide the best fender solution.

All products are customizable. We can tailor it to every customer. Focus on small details, such as the distance between each fender, the angle, and so on. Although the project is complex, we have years of experience and the best team to create value for our customers.

Fender design, drawings, and structural analysis are usually provided by our in-house team. All Gofai fender products are designed, manufactured and tested by PIANC 2002, BS 6349, EAU 2012, EC3, DIN 18800, BS 5950 and AISC.

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