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D fenders
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GOFAI D fenders can be supplied in long lengths with maximum length restricted only by transport and handling limitations. D Fenders are also called Extrusion Fenders. Extrusion is a manufacturing process involving pushing unvulcanized rubber through a special die to form a constant cross-section profile.
D Fenders are also commonly used on pontoons and on inland waterways for lock protection. The flat rear face of D fender makes them easy to install with a flat bar down the bore.

1. Reasonable reaction force and high energy absorption.
2. Easy to install and maintain or replace.
3. Especially suitable for frame type wharf and shore protection of the wharf. It can be used in protection of vessel.

D fenders are the most commonly used dock bumpers. The D fender has a flat back, which makes it easy to install on various surfaces. This can be done by means of bolts and/or strips in various manners: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Mounting holes are made through the top and bottom of the fender, or through the sides.
There are three different types of D fenders available:
With an inner chamber, D-shaped;
With an inner chamber, O-shaped;
Solid, without an inner chamber.

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